About Us

Founded in April 2012 a focus in providing effective communications, APPtitude aims to revolutionise conventional communication with the use of latest and innovative technology.

Our effort towards innovations in communication solution was soon recognised and funded by SPRING Singapore (ACE) in May 2012.

Been the pioneer to develop and introduces Push Notification to educational institutions in Singapore. Our first in-house product SNAC™ (Trade mark ID: T1315042F); Smart Notification Acknowledgement Console) was officially launched on 5th of December 2012 in all major mobile stores.

Over the years, our team and business have expanded exponentially to overseas including a wider range of products and development scopes:

• Customised Content Development
• Customised CMS Website Development 
• eCommerce Payment Gate Integration
• Mobile (Native) Application Development
• Project Management Services
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Technology Consultation
• Web Design/UI Design/UI Logic workflow
• Web System Development



JAVA on Native Development For Smartphone/Tabs (Portrait & Landscape)


X-CODE on Native Development For Smartphone/Pads (Portrait & Landscape)

Windows Mobile

Visual C++/Visual Basic/Client Side JScript & ASP.NET on Native Development For Smartphone/Tabs (Portrait & Landscape)

Web System Development

ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, JAVA Script, ANGULAR JS/Bootstrap/EXo/MVC/ZEND Framework

Website Development

ASP.NET, PHP, HTML 5, SQL, CSS 3, SEO, Credit & Debit Card, eNETs, PAYPAL, GOOGLE Wallet & APPLE Pay and other payment gateways.

User’s Experience

UI/Logic planning and development, Technology Consultation on system & process workflow & Design services



Smart Notification Acknowledgement Console

Connecting You to Institutions

SNAC™ Communication Solution & Attendance Module.

Smart Notification Acknowledgement Console (SNAC™) is an innovative web-to-mobile communication solution that empowers educational institutions to disseminate information to their recipients. Our full-fledged solution allows information to be disseminated effectively to the staff and parents in real time.

SNAC™ utilises 3G, 4G or WIFI network from the recipients' smartphones to receive notifications sent from the secured web-based admin console.

SNAC™ smartphone application is free for recipients to download from the Apple APP Store and Google Play Store.

Key Features

- Push Notification, SMS & Email Communication System
- Attendance Module SYNC to MOE School Cockpit
- Attendance Module For CCAs
- Absentee Notification
- Attendance Barcode
- In-APP Notification Composing
- Staff Check-In Attendance
- Digital Signature Consent Form


Property Network v1 | Virtual Office v1

Connecting Properties to You

PropNex, a market leader in providing trusted property services, leverages on the power of mobile technology to bring its service level up another notch.

Virtual Office Mobile APP (VOM)

In ensuring high service standards and efficiency, Propnex equips every one of its agents with a smartphone application fully integrated with their CRM system.

Agents on the move can easily access key information such as sales targets, sales target, new viewings, viewing appointments, new leasing/projects and MSR/TDSR/Affordability Calculator. And a Push Notification alert for en-mass notification broadcast.

PropNex Property Network APP (PPN)

This App provides consumers the convenience to search and locate their ideal property and making selection to whom their preferred agent.

PPN app provides real-time Push Notification alerts to keep consumers updated on shortlisted properies and the latest properties, thus reinforcing Propnex's reputation as the leading property service provider in the market.

Fuhua Pri Sch

Android (Survey) APP

Connecting feedbacks to You

Fuhua Primary School effectively uses ICT to ensure its customers' feedbacks are heard through the use of smartphone application.

Dee Ohh Gee

CMS Website + eCommerce + iOS/Android APPs

Connecting products to You

Dee Ohh Gee new concept of running a bistro-style pet shop

Dee Ohh Gee CMS eCommerce driven website provide its administrator the flexibility to edit and post latest products offerings anytime, anywhere; both on the website and smartphone application.

Co Consumers will also receive news of the latest promotions in real time with en-mass Push Notification. Payments for purchases can be conveniently made through the integrated payment gateway via eNETS and Pay Pal, as well as the credit card payment gateway.

Key Features

- Customised CMS engine (web responsive)
- Native Mobile Application
- Push Notification Alert
- Opt-out Notification (PDPA)
- Loyalty point system